Direct Focus Solutions is pleased to announce a new forthcoming aspect of our website: Educational Programs! In the near future, we will host several informative pages that will provide tips on how to address a variety of different concerns. This will include topics such as “Living with Adult ADHD”, “Goal Setting” and “Learning to be Assertive” to name just a few!

In addition to this, we will later be offering appointments for individual, pair and group consultation sessions for these same topics! These consultations will give you the opportunity to discuss these issues in-depth with a trained professional who specialises in the relevant topic. Upon attending, you will receive useful information, firsthand advice and guidance, and have the opportunity to get answers directly from a specialist.

If any of the topics presented strike a chord with you, please book an appointment to speak with us! We look forward to spreading awareness and improving the mental health and wellness of all who are interested in attending!

Image credit to cottonbro on Pexels