Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is classified as a neuro-developmental disorder. ASD is perhaps best known for its impact upon a person’s behaviour and interests, and well as their ability to communicate and interact socially. While the exact mechanisms behind Autism continue to be researched, it is widely accepted to have genetic and/or neurological causes.

Because Autism varies greatly in presenting characteristics, behaviours and severity; no two people on the Autism spectrum are alike. These same attributes can also make diagnosis difficult without a trained medical professional. As individuals with ASD can face hardship and adversity during their social development, it is especially important that early intervention be undertaken to help provide them with coping skills and strategies, and to guide them in a positive direction. Some individuals with ASD may require specific care and attention, in addition to therapy, to better assist them with key aspects of their daily lives.

Signs and symptoms of ASD may include:

– Delayed learning to talk
– Difficulties with nonverbal cues
– Discomfort when making eye contact
– Difficulty starting or participating in conversations
– Preferring particular routines and experiencing anxiety or anger when this order is disrupted

Direct Focus Solutions has several staff with extensive skills and experience in assisting individuals on the Autism spectrum. Our multidisciplinary approach combines strategies such as psychotherapy, occupational therapy and even neurofeedback to address ASD from multiple fronts. We can help people with ASD to communicate, improve their understanding and response to other’s feelings, build their confidence in expressing themselves, and much more.